• Cancer Free: System Change (trailer)

    Can cancer be treated naturally? 

    Please watch our first 2-minute trailer to peek into some of these treatments! 

  • First Short Film


    Learn more about a few non-toxic cancer treatments in our first short film!

  • How B17 Therapy Works?


    This video shows one possible way how  B17 Therapy effects cancer cells. 

    B17 (aka Laetrile or Amygdalin) is not a miracle cancer vitamin! It though can be helpful in the hands of an experienced and knowledgeable practitioner.

To increase awareness that non-toxic natural treatments for cancer exist and are effective
At the moment we plan to start filming the second part of the movie and are looking for funds to finance our film production
Join dozens of people all over the world who want this project to succeed!
We welcome anyone willing to join us! At the moment we need a webmaster, translators from German, Hungarian, Romanian!
There are many Non-Toxic Cancer Treatments to Discover!
July 9, 2013

NOW WE ARE IN THE PROCESS OF A NEW FUND-RAISING to start filming in Reno Integrative Medical Center, Oasis of Hope Hospital, Revici Research Foundation, Gerson  Institute, and Down to Earth Medicine by Dr. Kenneth Weizer. We will interview patients who used these therapies for their recovery and are eager to share their stories with…

July 8, 2013

In April 2012 our team, Mikhail Vihrov, Veta Shapkina and Maria Rechkunova-Goodson started filming “Cancer Free: System Change” documentary. The filming trip became possible thanks to very generous help of supporters. We organized two crowd-fundraising events on Invested.in (I and II), received cash and checks from our friends, family and colleagues. We have raised around…