Reno Integrative Medical Center


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Reno Integrative Medical Center

6110 Plumas St. Ste. B

Reno, Nevada 89519




There are a large number of non-toxic therapies practiced in the Center. The therapies are individually selected for patients.

Some of the therapies are:

1. Mega Dose Vitamin C Infusions

2. Laetril (or Vitamin B17)

3. Oxidative Therapies

4. Insulin Potentiated Therapy (I.P.T.)

5. Poly MVA

and many others.


Reno Integrative Medical Center was founded Dr. Douglas Brodie. His innovative treatments utilized many natural substances, including herbal preparations, homeopathics, intravenous vitamins and minerals, biological response modifiers, and a number of non-toxic materials, designed to activate and enhance the immune system.

Today the Center’s chief physician is Dr. Robert Eslinger. Dr. Bob, as patients and staff fondly call him, presently focuses on a specialty in the field known as Biological Medicine, which combines classical treatments with modern technology.

At Reno Integrative Medical Center the philosophy is to embrace many different treatment modalities, offering the best of both traditional and alternative approaches to health care.

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